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Celebrating Success at the YPU Annual Exhibition

On Saturday, May 11th, the Yorkshire Photographic Union’s (YPU) Annual Exhibition took place at Barnsley Civic, marking a significant occasion as it celebrated Barnsley’s centenary year and the 125th anniversary of the YPU.

This prestigious event invites members from the 70 camera clubs across Yorkshire to compete in various categories, including prints and digitally projected images (DPIs). These categories are further divided into genres such as nature, portrait, and creative. Images are judged, and successful entries are accepted into the exhibition with some going on to be awarded certificates, or even win top prizes.

This year, we had over ten members participating, a remarkable achievement in itself.

Special Congratulations

A huge congratulations to our junior member, Evie Sells, who had an outstanding performance with five of her six images accepted. Three of her entries received certificates, and her image, "A Giant Leap For A Harvest Mouse," won her the prestigious Young Photographer Individual Print Award for the second consecutive year. Additionally, Massimiliano Masilan earned a certificate for his print titled ‘Pensive’. All the members' acceptances are listed below:

Print Competition Acceptances:

  • Evie Sells: 3

  • Keira Thorogood CPAGB: 1

  • Massimiliano Masilan CPAGB: 2

  • Paul Buckley: 1

  • Richard Sells BPE*2 CPAGB: 1

DPI Competition Acceptances:

  • Chris Charlesworth: 1

  • Claire Wilson Sharp: 1

  • Evie Sells: 2

  • Keira Thorogood CPAGB: 4

  • Les Smart: 1

  • Paul Buckley: 2

  • Richard Sells BPE*2 CPAGB: 2

PAGB Acceptances

The competition also serves as a selection ground for images to represent the YPU in the nationwide PAGB competition. We are proud to announce that 11 of our images were selected for this honour.

Overall Achievements

Our club ranked 12th in the best PDI club category, 11th in the best print club category, and 15th overall in the exhibition. Competing against clubs from major cities such as Leeds, York, Doncaster, and Sheffield, these results are fantastic.

Well done to everyone who participated and a massive thanks to our competition secretary, Les Smart, for his tireless efforts in organising everything.

Well done to all!


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