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The Learning Zone

We are starting our new Post Processing course on Tuesday 11th October aimed at new members and members who do not currently enter competitions. We are starting with Adobe Lightroom Desktop as this is the Industry standard and many online tutorials are available to supplement our in-house training.

If you use any other software package we will attempt to answer your questions and offer advice via zoom.

We do not expect new members to have any knowledge of post processing and will be starting from scratch. All we ask you to bring is your enthusiasm. As a precursor we are creating some newsletters to introduce the features we intend to cover. If you have any other ideas do please contact us so we can tailor each evening to your needs. The pace will be leisurely so your feel at home with the software and as you gain experience you will gain the knowledge to understand tutorials we recommend on line.


The Darkroom Newsletters will be listed below so sit back and enjoy a read.



Introduction to post processing          edition 1

A quick look at the Lightroom layout  edition 2


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