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Update Number 2 - talks and members nights

Again a very busy few months on this side.

25th Feb 2021 - we had an excellent night with Jane Lazenby as she returned to the club to give us some "Texture Mentoring" following her well received talk last year on how she creates her images. First off she talked about the importance of creating your own brushes and textures if entering competitions and then proceeded to show us how to create these in Photoshop. She then proceeded to add these to some of our own images that we had arranged to send to her prior to the evening. The reaction to seeing this kind of editing applied to our own images was both exciting and pleasing to hear and it's been obvious a fair few members are taking Jane's teachings onboard and a few of us have even taken part in her "Holiday Challenges" since. We really can't recommend Jane's presentations and teachings enough - such an easy going yet professional manner, we're sure she'll be coming back to the club in the future.

3rd March 2021 - We were hosted by our local friendly rivals Cookeridge Camera Club in an evening of photography related fun and games. The clubs were mixed into teams and given a variety of tasks such as a Treasure Hunt, matching a photo to one given to us and a photography quiz. This evening was a lot of fun and goes to prove that interclub nights don't have to be all about "Battles and Comps". Next year its our turn to host and hopefully it'll be not over zoom but face to face.

11th March 2021 - we had a superb night observing Jeremy Malley-Smith and his ‘Botswana Wildlife’ presentation. We have a number of Wildlife Photography enthusiasts in the club so this was always going to go down well and Jeremy's tales of his adventures over seas did not disappoint. 22nd April 2021 - Was a change from the advertised "Photographer's Question Time" as the comitee had some news to impart about a possible new venue when we get chance to meet up again. The rest of the evening was spent looking at the members images we submitted to Western Valley so we could critique them ourselves. 29th April 2021 - We welcomed once again Andrea Hargreaves with a talk cancelled last year due to covid ‘The Art of Metamorphosis’. Now, Andrea had visited the club at the beginning of the season to talk to us about entering competitions outside the club and the beginning of this night was a celebration for our success in the YPU exhibition this year - more on that in a separate post though. This evening we were also joined by Swavesey Camera Club to see "The Art of Metamorphosis" and both clubs enjoyed her talk immensely as she took us through her early work, showing her work flow and how she sets her work up - from shooting the model to creating all the elements that go into the final fine art piece. A really inspiring evening and again we'll no doubt see her followed presentations at other times.


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