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Working with models

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting two captivating modelling sessions.

Our first session featured the multi-talented Graham Currey during a Thursday club night. Beyond his skills as a model, Graham is also a superb photographer. He shared valuable insights into setting up studio lighting, essential camera settings for capturing stunning portraits, and the key elements that contribute to crafting exceptional portrait shots. To the delight of our members, Graham showcased his versatility by posing in a diverse array of outfits, enriching our experience with his expertise.

In our second session, we welcomed Kyle on a Sunday for an exhilarating Viking-themed photoshoot. During this session, our members took the reins, overseeing costumes, props, lighting arrangements, and poses. The collaborative effort resulted in a collection of outstanding images that truly captured the essence of the Viking theme.

For many of our members, this was their first opportunity to work with models and both sessions provided our members with some excellent images, showcasing the creativity and talent within our club.


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