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The darkroom is an aide to help members find answers to common questions for both new and established members. If you see something photography related which you think would be of help to members then please let the committee know so that we can check the accuracy of the content and where appropriate add it to our database to create a searchable resource.  

Video Camera Lens

Keeping any website up to date with fresh and relevant content is the 'holy grail' of every website. We all get new gadgets to play with, new programmes to watch on TV. Photography is no different, we have the geeks who suffer from Gear Acquisition Sickness, grumpy old folks who just bark out ' In my Day!', and everything in between.

As the club's knowledge base, which we try to keep  relevant, is ever expanding we need you help. If you see changes or stuff which is past its sell-by-date lets us know and it can be removed. 

Computer Tutorials
Post Processing Learning Zone


We all struggle with software and every vendor promises to be the latest and greatest. But which one is best and what can i afford. We need to remember that buying software is just the beginning. Learning how to use it proficiently takes a lot of practice and in most instances photographers need a helping hand. Its normal to forget how to do something and the darkroom is here to help you both learn new techniques and be a resource which you can come back to back to at any time.
If you have a question about a particular piece of software we'll do our best to help. Other members will benefit so there are no daft questions.

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Handheld Camera
Practical Evenings


Throughout the year we provide practical evenings, out and about events, and in-house photoshoots. Look out for emails advertising events and also our Events menu on the website.

When looking at events we aim to provide advice on how to get the good photos. In most cases you don't need specialist gear, but it helps us if you can bring along the instruction book for your camera so we can locate the relevant settings in the cameras menus without having to resort to trial and error.

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