Weather Competition Winners 2017 judged by Jason Theaker 

There's a storm coming

1st Place Print - "There's a Storm coming" by David Autumns


2nd Place Print - "Burnsall" by David Autumns

Great Langdale Valley

3rd Place Print - "Great Langdale Valley - more snow on the way" by David Autumns

Making Tracks

Commended Print "Making Tracks" by David Autumns

Wind, Solar and Wave Power

1st Place Projected Image - "Wind, Solar and Wave Power" by Julie Wilks

Frosty Meadow

2nd Place Projected Image - "Frosty Meadow" by Janet Gomersall

A wintery day in Wasburn Valley

Highly Commended Projected Image - "A wintery day in Washburn Valley" by Trevor Davey

Sunlight and Showers

Highly Commended Projected Image - "Sunlight and Showers" by Carol Hardy

Blue Sky Day

Highly Commended Projected Image - "Blue Sky Day" by Janet Gomersall

Early Snow

Commended Projected Image - "Early Snow" by Carol Hardy

Sunrise Stripes

Commended Projected Image - "Sunrise Stripes" by Julie Wilks

Early morning mist at Derwentwater

Commended Projected Image - "Early Morning Mist at Derwentwater" by Diane Murrell

Storm in a Teacup

Commended Projected Image - "Storm in a Teacup" by Richard Sells

Frosty Great Gable

Commended Projected Image - "Frosty Great Gable" by Janet Gomersall

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