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Water, More Water, Light and Fire!

We've had a busy time recently at Otley Camera Club with lots of opportunities for taking photos. As a club, we love getting out and shooting a variety of subjects and themes as often as possible.

First off we had a "Splash Shoot" morning at our HQ at Mercury Row. This entailed tanks of water, milk substitutes and dropping lots of fruit and other objects from heights. We even had fun punching water! Lots of effects and a variety of photographs was the result of this session.

On a slightly larger scale we also visited "Tankspace" down near Nottingham. Here we shot models in the studios rain maker and then moved to their water tank to shoot the models in flowing dresses underwater. This was a first for many members but everyone who attended seem to enjoy themselves tremendously and achieved some images they normally wouldn't be able to shoot. A big thank you to Halo and the models at Tankspace.

Every year Otley CC has an evening where we tempt the weather gods by attempting an outdoor practical for Light Painting. This year the weather gods smiled on us and we had a fine evening in Roundhay Park using light and fire to great effect. We've produced some interesting and often creative images from this session and are sure to continue adding it to our programme for the years to come.

Photos from these events below (Credits to members Mary Ball, Jenny Crawfurd, Diane Murrell, Stephen Tonkin, Chris Charlesworth, Les Smart)


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