The 'J' Word

Lee Sutton recently joined the club to show us his images and to talk about his photographic journey. Coming off the back of our evening with Andrea Hargreaves, and the club's new impetus to move forward entering YPU competitions and encouraging club members to obtain awards this talk was very relevant. Lee only got in to photography seriously eight years ago, but already he has a legion of letters after his name: DPAGB, BPE5*, LRPS, EFIAP, EPSA, ADPS, GPU Crown 3, GPU Zeus. These letters didn't just arrive there by accident - Lee has worked hard to move forward constantly striving to learn and improve his photography.

He explained how he started out with a tiny £200 budget for his first camera and how he joined a camera club to progress his journey; learning from those more experienced than him. He has constantly sought to improve his photography plumbing YouTube for its wealth of Photoshop tutorials and making sure he entered competitions and listened to feedback.

Lee was honest and said that not all of his images had 100% worked, but he would always endeavour to move on and in many cases when he has returned to the image and re-processed it he is able to achieve a much better image because of knowledge he subsequently learnt. Lee's photographic 'j' word is definitely not over and he is looking towards his next steps -the MPAGB and I'm sure he'll achieve it!

We're looking forward to seeing Lee later in the season when he will be judging one of our competitions for us.

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