The Dark Room

'The Dark Room' is a new resource for Otley Camera Club members, intended to help you understand the many facets and complexity of digital photography - using appropriate videos & documents (mainly from You Tube, some from members) for reference, which can be accessed using the menu links below.


Making an impact - link!Aqi0Cfw8MVRvh8YjkGxlP_sH-mAHwA?e=2DsFWg


Events - link!Aqi0Cfw8MVRvh8Rl5xurbTrTPM-Abg?e=lpRzLN

Landscape - link!Aqi0Cfw8MVRvh8RVgD3CBBYiZLB5aA?e=w9yfWw

Macro - link!Aqi0Cfw8MVRvh8RMGHSPKpiHAiOS0g?e=429xyB

Monochrome - link!Aqi0Cfw8MVRvh8RUNm-zLmrygyCfww?e=G3c7Ri

Nature - link!Aqi0Cfw8MVRvh8cj5qsQFoxqSEnVtA?e=lG6LLB

Portraiture - link!Aqi0Cfw8MVRvh8Rmxq1piQOI1ixoOw?e=kJPylH

Street - link!Aqi0Cfw8MVRvh8RTdO9ngpk4gnrhZw?e=LiffCK

Studio - link!Aqi0Cfw8MVRvh8ci0h8yn0aIq5ZHIw?e=QfX1Mf


Affinity Photo - link!Aqi0Cfw8MVRvh8Rbx0QSxPXii4l1AQ?e=pT1utA

Capture One




Composition - link

Exposure - link

Cameras - link

Lighting - link

Each of the above links takes you to the appropriate sub-folder, where you'll find a selection of documents & videos. Please note that some sections have overlapping features - e.g. Portraiture / Lighting / Monochrome, or Macro / Studio / Nature, etc.

You can open any item directly, or can even download it - though how long it takes will be down to your own bandwidth and hardware. BTW, please don't delete any titles from the host page!

Do let me know how you get on with it and what further content you would like to see.

Stephen Tonkin

07885 604624

February 2020

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