The Battle

This week Otley took part in a friendly 'battle' with three other clubs - Kidderminster, Cleethorpes and Niton from the Isle of Wight. There was a good turn out and over 80 people 'zoomed' on the night to see the images judged.

Each club submitted 15 of their best images to be considered by David Kissman. David was very fair giving a very valuable critique of each image along with a score out of 20. Otley doesn't take part in many of these types of battle which was judged in a YPU format, and we're not really familiar with the quality and style of work required, so this was a good learning curve for us.

We managed a very respectable third with only 9 points between the top three teams. Congratulations to Cleethorpes who won overall, and congratulations to Phil Naylor who had our highest scoring image on the night with his image.

We're already thinking about a rematch!

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