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Success in the Winchester National Exhibition

Recently, members of the Camera Club have dipped their toes into the world of British Photographic Exhibitions and Salons. This means we compete with clubs and societies from around the UK. There are often 1,000's of images divided into different categories.

The aim is to get "accepted" into the exhibition and there are further awards that can be awarded such as merits, ribbons and trophies. These count towards Crown Awards photographic distinctions awarded by the governing body. Results were announced yesterday for the Winchester National Exhibition and we were delighted to get some great news. James Grimmitt had one acceptance in the "Colour Pictorial" class with "All Gone to Boris's" , Chris Charlesworth three acceptances in the "Mono Pictorial" category with "Private Investigations", "Unrequited Love" and "Channelling Leonard Cohen". Richard Sells got an acceptance in the "Colour Pictorial" with "Living in a Box" and but topped it off with being awarded 1st place in the Nature category for his stunning image titled "Polar Bear Spin Dry"



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