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Scapes and Photographer of the Year Results

Thursday night was the results night for our final competition of the year, Scapes'. It was judged by Peter Wells who did an excellent job selecting the winners and also giving positive and constructive feedback on all the images entered. Congratulations to everyone who entered and especially those who were placed. The competition showcased some truly outstanding and breathtaking scape photography. The winning images can be seen on the poster below and full images can be seen by clicking on the 'Competition Winners' Tab.

Photographer of the Year Announced

As it was the last competition of the year, we were able to crown the photographer of year. Over the course of eight competitions, points were awarded based on placement: 5 points for 1st place, 4 points for 2nd place, and so on. The accumulated points determined our top photographers. It was superb to see that 19 of our members gained points in the competition. This year’s final results are:

1st: Richard Sells

2nd: James Grimmitt

3rd: Mary Ball


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