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We were lucky enough to be joined by Tony May last Thursday. Tony is a professional photographer specialising in creative commercial, and advertising photography across jewellery, food, products and lifestyle. Tony is based in Leeds but serves clients across the UK.

Tony gave a great talk, explaining how he sets up/composes the shots he takes, what lighting considerations he makes, and equipment he uses. He was also happy to talk us through some of his post-processing techniques which was fascinating especially when it came to the jewellery shots. It was amazing to see the jewels of the necessarily underexposed original shot come to life following a number of targeted layer adjustments. Interesting also that he outsources his masking selections to a private company, although I know of course Tony does this because of volume and time constraints I liked that idea having struggled ineptly with masking selections myself!

The club is completely unfamiliar with this type of product photography so it was really super to see the process and Tony had a lovely informal and laid back style.

Perhaps next year one of our competitions will be based around this area; now that we have more incite it would be good to give it a go!

Photo credit: Tony May Photography

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