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Practical Evening on Product Photography

One of the features of the Otley CC programme is the inclusion of practical sessions where people can learn and practice types of photography they may not have had a go at before. We recently held such a session on our club night. The topic was Product Photography and we had 3 stations set up.

1- A beginners section where Les Smart showed how you can set up with very little equipment and still take photos of products successfully.

2- An Intermediate section, hosted by Jerry Marriner - this one had more equpment such as studio flash and showed how some-one with such a set up can build on the basics learnt in section 1

3 - was a more pro level set up, led by Richard Sells and featured a light box and LED lighting to create long exposure images of the products and include some techniques such as light painting.

All in all it was a succesful night and enjoyed by all the members present. Working in a collaborative way meant the higher skilled members passed on knowledge in a friendly and entertaining manner to the those with little experience in this. We next have a follow up session to include editing the photos taken on the night with again a split level basis to cater for members different skill levels. We have further practical sessions planned for later in the season, including Light Painting and Macro. Full details of these can be found on our website.

Photo credit Keira Thorogood - phone images taken during the evening.


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