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Nature Competition

On Thursday evening, we had the pleasure of Colin Williams joining us for the judging of our nature competition. Colin, a good friend of the club with a long-standing connection, has served as a judge for many of our competitions in the past. The competition showcased an array of superb images featuring various animals and plants from both the UK and beyond.

It was great to hear Colin's thoughts on the recent development of the club and his admiration for the quality of the submitted images. Choosing the winners proved to be quite challenging. Colin noted that many outstanding images that didn't secure a placement could easily have triumphed in other competitions. The top three placements, he felt, were all of exceptional quality, making it nearly impossible to differentiate between them.

Nevertheless, Colin managed to reach a decision on the winners, and you can view them on the poster below. Head over to the 'Competition Winners' tab on our website to see all the images in their full glory. A heartfelt congratulations to everyone who participated, and a special acknowledgment to those who secured a place. Well done!


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