Light Night

Last Thursday night was crisp and clear - perfect for long-exposure night photography, but of course Murphy's Law (aka Covid) decreed that we were unable to get outside with Diane Seddon for our planned club light night. Diane was meant to visit us in person - she has a pixel stick and all manner of other 'light' gizmos to play with and would have guided us to achieve some images like the quality shots below.

We try to run a light night every year and every year it rains - this year it would have been perfect - hey ho - Diane to the rescue! So instead of getting outside Diane did a brilliant talk online walking us through the various long exposure options available to us, the light gadgets readily accessible to us on any online platform, the settings and necessary kit along with useful images and video clips. A really informative talk which has wet our appetite, and readied us for when Diane finally visits us in person next year.

Thank you Diane for helping us out of a hole and for entertaining us so excellently for the evening.

Photo credits Diane Seddon