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10th Feb An Evening with Simon Sugden

Simon Sugden was born in Ilkley and has been interested in photography for most of his life. He loves most aspects of photography but his main passion is architecture, which led him to start taking images of abandoned buildings. He works freelance for a building company and Bradford Council, which has been helpful in photographing inside buildings normally closed to the general public and for whom he has been documenting the Darley Street Market project.

Simon has received a couple of awards, including one from the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford in the ‘Drawn by Light’ competition for his photograph ‘Lighting Up the Yard’ (Crossley Evans Scrapyard).

This pushed Simon to study photography further and his images have featured in magazines and newspapers and also on album covers. An opportunity came up for an exhibition at the Cliffe Castle Museum, Keighley, where his work was shown under the title The Beauty in Decay for three months from July until September 2019. This was followed by another exhibition in November 2020 entitled Textile Mills and Derelict Thrills. The positive feedback from the exhibitions has helped Simon’s images to reach the public via this social media, newspapers and this book. This is his second book for Amberley Publishing, following Derelict Britain: Beauty in Decay, published in 2020.


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