Oliver Wright

The club was lucky enough to have Oliver Wright as a speaker last Thursday. We were pleased to invite Oliver back as he'd been such a hit the first time round.

Oliver has been busy during the last five months in lockdown which has been a very productive time for him macro-wise. He's been getting to grips with his new Canon R5 - he showed us much of his new work taken with this state-of -the-art camera. I know at least one member of the club is now seriously considering investing in the R5!

Once again Oliver wowed us with his macro photography; he was happy to share what kit he uses, which techniques he uses whether hand-held or macro rail, and many other useful hints and tips including how to post-process the images.

I'm sure in the future we'll be inviting Oliver back as both evenings we've had with Oliver have been very informative and interesting.

Photo credit: Oliver Wright

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