Working With Wildlife - Tensi Ward

Thursday the 10th of September saw us host our first Speaker evening with the extremely talented Tensi Ward. Incredibly,Tensi has only been photographing since 2013 and her presentation charted her journey from teenage holiday snaps to the work she does now as a professional photographer with a keen eye on nature and conversation. Her story is certainly worth hearing and was presented in a relaxed manner that keep the viewers engaged through out. She may not use a lot of images in her presentation compared to others, but each one had an entertaining back story. It was an excellent start to the season and has set our expectations at "high" for those following. Thank you Tesni. The presentation was completed over Zoom and we had a good turnout with members old and new and a few non members who had purchased tickets to view. It was recorded so any members who couldn't attended are able to log onto our website and view at their leisure during the next few weeks. Next week we are joined by photographer Oliver Wright and tickets are available for that on our website.

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