What's it like to Join OCC?

I joined Otley Camera Club in September 2019. The thing that struck me first and foremost was the friendliness of all the members. I have also really enjoyed the talks, in particular the one by Monty Trent which was entertaining and informative.

My background in photography goes back to when I was 18 and bought my first camera. As I studied languages I ended up travelling overseas a great deal in my teens and throughout my twenties and my camera was always to hand. Then work and family got very busy so I continued with photography but very much on the backburner.

Recently I have found a little more time to get back into shooting hence my joining Otley Camera Club.

I am a keen cyclist so I plan to take my Fuji X100F on lots of rides so I can combine the two hobbies. Not sure if I will be taking a tripod though!

I am looking forward to going on some Out and About shoots and also entering my first competition. And I am enjoying the club so much that I am now on the committee.

Photo credits: Jim Hart

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