New Season Update

A full committee meeting was held on Wednesday 5th August to discuss how to proceed with the new season in light of the COVID-19 situation. The factors to consider were current COVID-19 guidance, views of the members obtained by the recent survey and the safety arrangements provided by the association we rent the room from.

A significant proportion of our members stated they would not come back to the clubhouse in September and some of those that would expressed concerns about the size of the room and how safety could be ensured. We have been informed that: to maintain a social distance of 2m in the room the capacity would be 14 members and to maintain a social distance of 1m the capacity would be 24. However, we would also need to consider other issues, e.g. space for movement, the projector and for speakers which would all reduce the capacity. We also have concerns of ensuring the cleaning of the room before and after each meeting, keeping the toilet sanitized and the very tight entrance and exit to the room.

Taking all the above into consideration we have made the decision to start the 2020/2021 season online with a review mid season to consider how to proceed from January onwards. Although all committee members were disappointed that we can not meet physically, it was felt that this is the safest option and the success of the final weeks of the last season online and of the extra summer season demonstrates that we will be able to provide an accessible, exciting and full programme.Below are the full details of how the 2020/2021 season will run.


The programme committee are currently working to adapt the programme to be online. As long as judges and speakers are happy to present online, lots of the evenings will remain as planned. The main evenings which we will need to adapt/change are the practical evenings. An advantage of online meetings will be the opportunity to invite speakers which under normal circumstances distance would not allow us to and by sharing with other clubs we can hear from speakers who are normally out of our budget.

The full programme will be released as normal on the first day of the new season (Thursday 3rd September).


Due to the logistical issues of handing in prints and delivering and collecting them from the judge, the first three competitions (Scapes, Animals, Action) will be digital entries only. The remaining competitions will be reviewed in the mid year review. The ‘action’ competition (pending the judges approval) will be widened to ‘movement’ to allow members to submit more abstract and mechanical entries as the opportunity to photograph action of people is limited at this time. The judges will be asked to award 1st, 2nd and 3rd and the number of Highly Commended and Commended will not be limited to a set amount.


Membership fees will be split over the year: September to December and January to May. Although the meetings are online, there are still costs for the club to pay: judges, speakers, website, YPU membership, subscription to Zoom etc. However, as we are not paying rent for the room we are able to adjust the fees accordingly. The fee for the 1st half of the season will be £20. The £1 fee payable for each night attended will be stopped until the mid year review. Membership will include access to all the online meetings, any outdoor meetings and the opportunity to enter our competitions. The fee for January to May will be set in the mid year review taking into consideration whether we can meet physically.

The fees (including the £10 for members who attended the summer season) will be collected from existing members by bank transfer or sending a cheque to our treasurer (Jerry). Any new members will be asked to pay via our website. We are also hoping to sell tickets for our speaker evenings to non members and payments will be taken for these through the website. There is a charge incurred by us for payments through the website which is why we will be encouraging existing members to pay by bank transfer or cheque. Out and Abouts

We are looking at restarting the ‘Out and Abouts’. Activity groups are able to meet but the guidance on how is not clear therefore we will be following the current guidance which is groups of a maximum of 6 from different households can meet outside. There cannot be car sharing (unless you are from the same household), no sharing of equipment and social distancing rules will need to be adhered to. Anyone wishing to attend will need to pre register. If more than six people are attending, we will split the group into smaller, separate groups. As always, the information for our Out and Abouts is on our Facebook page. There is a survey on there at the moment to gauge people’s opinions on different locations.

Further details about membership fees collection, competition details and programme adaptations will be sent in due course. As previously mentioned, although it is disappointing not to meet physically, the committee are working hard to ensure that the 2020/2021 season will be a huge success. Please contact us on if you have any questions or queries.

Enjoy your summer and see you in September

Otley Camera Club Committee

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