GuruShots - The World's Greatest Photo Game?

I know that some in Otley Camera Club are very familiar with GuruShots and I know that some have probably never heard of it. For those of you that haven't heard of it GuruShots is a global platform that turns photography into a game with a real-time online photo competition system. Photographers worldwide compete against one another to win contests, increase in level, and because the website has partnered with Adobe, Kodak, B&H, Adorama, Polaroid, and Skylumearn win some valuable prizes.

There are people out there that take GuruShots very seriously and you can, if you want, pay money into the website to help 'boost' your photo coverage, but I think most people, myself included, make it into a fun game. You don't have to pay and it's a good way of seeing what images are out there. There is an awful lot of variety - some extremely good and some extremely bad!

So how does it work? When you register with the site you create your profile and add images to your library. Then you are free to start entering the competitions. The competitions run continuously and are set around themes. You can enter up to four images from your library and once entered people begin to vote on them. The idea is to get as many votes as possible so that you rise up the

rankings. If you consistently start to reach the top 30%;20% or top 100 in the competitions you start to move up the game's categories from Newbie, to Rookie to Challenger - there is the potential to rise all the way up to Guru! I know that a couple of members of the club have made it to Master but the final Guru level is currently eluding them.

So if you fancy a bit of fun in this time of lock down and fancy pitting your photographs against other worldwide budding photographers give it a go! I like it for the vast variety of images you see and the ideas that it gives you to try different things. And it is rather satisfying to see the votes on your images!

Just one final note users retain full ownership over their images when uploading you do not relinquish copywrite.

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