Odd Things

Yesterday Diane Seddon 'zoomed' the club to give us her 'Odd Things' talk - a general talk about camera creativity, thinking outside the box, and getting your images noticed. It was fabulous - Diane talked a lot about the play off that camera club members make when entering competitions. Some would disagree, but there are schools of thought that suggest that judged competitions stymie creative thinking and encourage photographers to provide formulaic images which 'follow the rules'. Diane talked enthusiastically and encouragingly about how rules are made to be broken and that taking photos should be fun. It doesn't matter if you don't always create a winning shot - it's just about getting out there and using your camera and enjoying yourself.

We are already inspired and lots of multiple exposure and ICM shots are popping up on the club's private Facebook page. I think we will also be getting out our dressing up box in the future as many of Diane's own wonderfully atmospheric shots involved her friend George gallantly attired in a costume (see below).

Photo credits: Diane Seddon

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