Our Club is Zooming

So unless you've been in a nuclear bunker for the past couple of months you won't have been able to escape the coronavirus pandemic and the many and numerous issues it has caused globally.

We at the camera club wanted to find a way to keep in touch with our members in this period of self isolation and social distancing. Cue: Zoom. I had never heard of Zoom before and I'm sure that was the case with many people but not anymore; Zoom is a platform for video and audio conferencing and as it turns out the solution to all our camera club problems. No longer do we have to cancel all of our commitments for the foreseeable future. We can continue our club competitions, social nights and speakers. We have opened up a whole new world which is working really well for us so far...

Monty Trent, our first shining knight, rode to our rescue bravely offering to judge our monochrome competition photos online. Anticipating lots of technical issues we set up a test club meeting prior to Monty's judging just to check that everything would run smoothly. Everything went remarkably well - everyone turned up, we could hear everyone and see everyone (unless they didn't turn on their video camera - me!) and there were no glitches.

On the night of the judging we had over 30 people online along with Monty who did an absolute sterling job judging for us, in what was a really odd and different situation for him. The photos were fantastic, the feedback helpful going forwards, and everyone I think a little dizzy and happy to be able to make some social contact outside of their households.

So a big thank you to all the club members who enabled this night, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are looking forward to the virtual in-house judging of the Local competition, and our next online speaker Diane Seddon who will be speaking to us about 'Odd Things' a general talk about camera creativity – thinking outside the box, and getting your images noticed.

Otley Camera Club has stepped bravely in to a new online world and we're not looking back!

Photo credits: Keira Thorogood, Phil Naylor and Julie Wilks - the Leporidae did well in the comp! Congratulations to Julie for her 1st place.

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