Hare Today Gone Tomorrow

For anyone who hasn't tried to take pictures of hares before they are incredibly timid and thus very difficult to photograph as you cannot get close enough to them to get a decent image. Therefore, three camera club members, myself included, decided that we would book ourselves on to a specialist hare photography workshop in Norfolk.

The day workshop run by a local hare/bird enthusiast and photographer ran over two sessions; one early morning dawn slot and one golden hour evening slot. With access to private land, informed local knowledge and some very silly camouflage gear we felt that we could not fail! However, the weather had different ideas; it was freezing cold, blowing a gale and intermittently raining and sleeting. The hares, quite understandably, stayed home.

After an unsuccessful morning we weren't feeling very positive about the evening session, and after two more hours of sitting felt like we might be going home without a shot. Then after a spell of rain the sun came out and so did one solitary hare. Slowly it worked its way towards us and then without warning darted to within feet of us giving us a minute to fire off as many shots as we could before just as swiftly as it had arrived departing. Leaving behind some cold, wet but happy photographers!

Photo credits: Phil & Charlotte Naylor

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