Splattering, Splurging and Splashing

Friend of the Club Gerry Gentry attended our weekly meet up on Thursday bringing with him a very large tarpaulin, a set of drums and lots of paint - what, we wondered, were we going to be doing? It turns out we were going to have lots of fun!

Gerry mixed paint and water and placed it liberally all over the drums, and then proceeded to use a drum stick to hit the drums with some force - what followed was rather messy! Overseen by Gerry, with his expert guidance, we photographed the paint in all its glory as it flew in many and varied directions including all over Gerry and several club members!

We all enjoyed the evening and look forward to next week when Gerry will be returning to help us with the post-processing of the paint photos we took.

A big thank you to Gerry.

See below for some of the photos taken by club members. Photo credits: Diane Murrell, Chris Charlesworth, Alan Patterson, David Autumns, Ian Stewart and Keira Thorogood.

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