An Evening with Natasha J Bella

On Thursday, we had an excellent evening with professional model and photography expert Natasha J Bella.

As a model, Natasha has featured in commercial work for global brands including Credit Suisse, Emirates Airlines, AirBnB and Old Mutual Wealth, to name but a few. Working freelance, images of Natasha, achieved using her Collaborative Approach, have won dozens of awards in the UK, South Africa, Asia and across the globe. Including awards from the Master Photography Association, the Guild of Photographers, and the Royal Photographic Society.

At the start of the evening she spoke to us about ‘The Collaborative Approach’, an insightful talk about the importance of teamwork. Natasha explained how it is vital, whenever a photographer works with a model, in order to achieve the best results. Her own unique experience as a freelance and commercial model, and as a photographer and educator, made her especially qualified to explain what it takes to create powerful, arresting, and Award Winning images of models, from Fashion, to Fine Art Nude.

She showcased images from her portfolio, explaining the stories behind the photographs, and giving insights into the processes involved.

The second part of the evening was set up as a practical photoshoot to allow our members to gain practical experience of working with a model and developing their camera skills.

More information on Natasha can be found on her website: and on her You Tube Channel:

Images below were taken by our members: Phil Naylor and Diane Murrell

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