Water everywhere and not a drop to drink

This week Gerry Gentry left bandit country for an excursion along the M62 into Gods own county. With large tarpaulins to protect the floor (dear landlord please take note) we had an array of vessels in which to drop items and take pictures of the ensuing splashes.

Well at least that was the theory. Some of our members sadly struggled counting to three and take the shot. Several hours later, and gallons of water everywhere, success was to be had.

The real winner on the night was seeing members helping each other in setting up camera equipment and practicing their new found skills. A recommendation we would make to our wider audience to come and join the camera club.

Overseen by Gerry's expert guidance and support from his knowledgible and equally patient team made this a night to remember. His infectous style and amazing ability to inspire and educate left everybody who attended in