Time to open your eyes

Last Thursday evening Lizzie Shepherd visited the camera club. An award winning professional landscape photographer with a keen eye for detail. As well as traditional landscape views, there were many interesting and new ideas about abstract and graphic art. Thought provoking throughout and a true breath of fresh air.

A quote from her website sums up her vision in a few words –

“The way I see the world around me is constantly evolving and I believe that one of the joys of photography is that it forces you to open your eyes, to develop your vision and to keep searching for ways to express that vision.”

Do please find time to have a look at Lizzie’s website for more ideas and information: www.lizzieshepherd.com.

For members seeking that ultimate photographer’s guide on what to photograph, locations, best time of year etc. head over to www.fotovue.com. There are several beautifully illustrated books in the series covering The Lake District, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, North Wales, and also Photographing Wildlife in the UK. For Yorkshire diehards there is more good news. Lizzie and Oliver Wright are collaborating on a new book about the Yorkshire Dales. This is due to hit the shelves in early 2018, so plenty of time to save up.

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