Long Exposure Photography

As we look forward to the camera club's long exposure competition in February, this month's Canon news has an interesting feature on long exposure black and white.

This genre of photography is popular as, amongst other things, it can enhance mood, change the look of running water to create a curtain, and also help with less than optimum lighting conditions. Members will recall we had an interesting lecture on the use of filters - part of David Autumn's course on 'getting to know your camera'. This covered how to use longer exposure settings as well as using graduated filters and circular polarisers to capture images which are something more than a simple snap.

Also please take a look at the light painting posting on the blog as this shows what happens when you have a moving object, in this case a light source, combined with a 15 to 30 second exposure. I'm sure we will be repeating this exercise later in the programme but you'll have to come to see us for more information.

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