Painting with light

Can you remember when you got your first torch and shone it through a coloured sweet wrapper. Roll on a few years and its like dad dancing - simply not cool.

Now you have a good excuse to dust off your light sabre purely in the name of art you'll understand. Some club members, probably best not identified, ventured out into Golden Acre park one dark night. Armed cameras, tripods and other objects of desire they learnt how to photograph lights using a long exposure under the expert direction of Andy Killingbeck.

The first rule is to know how to set up your camera in near darkness and secondly not to fall in the lake. Many of the settings are trial and error but typically exposures are around 15 to 30 seconds. Here are a few examples showing what can be achieved using simple props.

If you would like to join us on future outdoor photo shoots or simply find out more about photography then let us know via our contact page or better still call in and see us on a Thursday night.

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