We are under way

It was great to see new faces and old in the Club on Thursday Night. Welcome back to the new season , it's now Autumn according to the Met Office, but it's going to be a great year.

Brief recap....

As you are already here you will know we have a new website. This is the clubs resource and as you can see we already have some brave members sharing their photographs in the members galleries.- take a peek. and then send me yours.

We have a new Calendar and this I want to have filled not only with the Otley Camera Club Programme, but also any photography events and opportunities you spot throughout the year. Use the Contact Page to send in your recommendations. I want to make this a useful Tog resource.

Tony Jennings has won the prize for the very first user of the Projected Digital Images uploader. Congratulations Tony. I can see that we have a number of entries submitted already from members to the Open Competition - the closing date is 8th September. The new system renders the memory sticks and their troubles obsolete.

We need to discuss resizing for the PDI's ... the maximum size to get the best out of our HD projector is 1920*1080 pixels. Seeing images resized to 1920 across the top, which is great, but they are occasionally ending up taller than 1080 as result :-) I'll give a demo in Lightroom on resizing images this Thursday (8th)

Print Entries this year have to in by the closing date and also presented in 500mm*400mm mounts (20" * 16" in old money)...a bit more of that standardisation.

The website is a work in progress and I expect it to always be. The PDI uploader will improve. I would like a Photography Links Page and also a Competitions Winners Page. Plus more information about the Camera Club's rich History.

This will all take time, please bear with me. Thanks also for bearing with my first night nerves, it's appreciated

Be there this Thursday to find out why there's no f12 on your Camera and why f16 follows f11. Hopefully it will all become as clear as your photos.

Make it a good week


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