The Art of Compromise

Photography is the art of compromise.

Whereas an Artist can leave out or paint in or change perspective with full license, the Photographer can only capture the light playing on the vista they have before them.

You compromise to get the best composition by choosing what to leave out of your Photo, what to keep in. Capture the foreground with a wide angle, or zoom in on that essential element? What can you do by moving to the left or right, higher or lower, to hide that distracting unwanted road sign that ruins your otherwise perfect scene? You work with the Sun, or Moon, to keep it out of your image or keep it in for sunsets, sunrises. You work alongside the weather, its moods, its light, the shadows, the reflections.

You make compromises on shutter speed to freeze or deliberately blur the building blocks of your photo. Compromise on which elements of the picture will be in sharp focus and which to blur into the background or foreground. You trade off image quality for shutter speed and sharpness depending on the subject you are capturing.

These are just some of the things you need to consider to get the very best, but always a compromise, image onto your camera's memory card. The raw material of your picture. This is then edited, along with its compromises at every level, and finally to print with the additional limitations this imposes on your image.

If you have let go of the right things and chosen to keep the essential ones... then you will have a great photograph. The one to hang on your wall. The one that wins that competition.

If you would like to learn more, improve your photography skills, meet fellow photography enthusiasts, go on trips out, and have the chance to enter photography competitions throughout the year (Warning - It is very addictive) then please come and join us at Otley Camera Club.

The first meet up, after our Summer break is on Thursday 1st September at 7:15pm

Would love to see you there.

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