Macro - Close Up Competition Winners 2018  judged by Nick Hodgson


1st Place (Printed) - Lily by Charlotte Naylor

Red Admiral Feeding

1st Place (Digital) - Red Admiral Feeding by Keith Crowther

Seed Pod

2nd Place (Printed) - Seed Pod by Janet Gomersall

Common Blue Damselfly

2nd Place (Digital) - Common Blue Damselfly by Keith Crowther

The Fly

3rd Place (Printed) - The Fly by Richard Sells

Busy Bee

3rd Place (Digital) - Busy Bee by Richard Sells

Reaching the Summit

Highly Commended (Printed) - Reaching the Summit by Richard Sells

Marbled White

Highly Commended (Digital) - Marbled White by Charlotte Naylor


Highly Commended (Digital) - Ganesha by Keira Thorogood

An Inch Of Dragonfly

Highly Commended (Digital) - An Inch of Dragonfly by Ian Stuart

Once A Cicada

Commended (Digital) - Once a Cicada by Ian Stuart

Speckled Wood

Commended (Digital) - Speckled Wood by Keith Crowther


Commended (Digital) - Micromouse by Keira Thorogood