Long Exposure Competition Winners 2017 Judged by Andy Stephenson 

Autumn Leaves Bathed In Silk

1st Place Print "Autumn Leaves Bathed in Silk" by Julie Wilks

Talisker Bay - Isle of Skye

2nd Place Print "Talisker Bay -Isle of Skye" by David Autumns


3rd Place Print "Fireworks" by Diane Murrell

Light Signature

High Commended Print "Light Signature" by David Autumns

Whitby Pier

Highly Commended Print "Whitby Pier" by David Autumns

Pitch Fork in the Pitch Dark

Commended Print "Pitch Folk in the Pitch Dark" by Janet Gomersall

Light of the Gaudi

Commended Print "Light of the Gaudi" by Lochlan Ashton

Tour de Yorkshire

Commended Print "Tour de Yorkshire" by David Autumns


1st Place Projected Image "Possessed" by Susan Bain

Tick Tock

2nd Place Projected Image "Tick Tock" by Carol Hardy

In the line of Fire

3rd Place Projected Image "In the line of Fire" by Richard Sells

Fly Away Paul

Highly Commended Projected Image "Fly Away Paul" by Jo Sedgwick

Knaresborough Express

Highly Commended Projected Image "Knaresborough Express" by Carol Hardy


Highly Commended Projected Image "Warming" by Keith Crowther

Follow the Light

Highly Commended Projected Image "Follow the Light" by Keira Thorogood

Tempus Fugit

Highly Commended Projected Image "Tempus Fugit" by Keith Crowther

Blue Mist

Commended Projected Image "Blue Mist" by Richard Sells

Light Painting

Commended Projected Image "Light Painting" by Tony Jennings

Fountains by Floodlight

Commended Projected Image "Fountains by Floodlight" by Carol Hardy

The Lost Wheels

Commended Projected Image "The Lost Wheels" by Susan Bain