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Glass Competition  February 2020 judged by Colin Williams

11 Seeing Clearly

1st Place Print Category: Seeing Clearly - Les Smart

three gins

2nd Place: 3 Gins by Chris Charlesworth

Decanter and glass

3rd Place: Glass Decanter and Glass by Jerry Marriner

4 We Made a Snowman

4th Place Highly Commended : We Made a Snowman by Les Smart

154 Rose Bleu

5th Place Commended: Rose Bleu by Stephen Tonkin


Digital Category 1st Place: White Glass Vase by James Grimmitt

unnamed (1)

2nd Place: A Long Hard Day by Les Smart

unnamed (2)

3rd Place: On the Bar by Les Smart

unnamed (3)

4th Place Highly Commended: Flute Fluke by Julie Wilkes

unnamed (4)

5th Place Commended: Shouldda Gone to by Chris Charlesworth

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