Bokeh Competition 2019 judged by Andy Stephenson

The Art of Light

1st Place Printed Image - The Art of Life by Richard Sells


1st Place Projected Image - Poppy by Diane Murrell

Lego Magic

2nd Place Printed Image - Lego Magic by Richard Sells

I'm Stuck

2nd Place Projected Image - I'm Stuck by David Ricketts


3rd Place Printed Image - Puffin by Keira Thorogood


3rd Place Projected Image - Fizz by Richard Sells


Highly Commended Printed Image - Foxglove by James Grimmitt


Highly Commended Projected Image - Viking by Keira Thorogood

Two in the Bush

Commended Projected Image - Two in a bush by Julie Wilks

Room for Improvement

Commended Projected Image - Room for improvement by Stephen Sutcliffe