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Play You DPI's Right!

Last Thursday the club had it's first social of the season. The night - Play Your DPIs Right - is an entertaining night where club members are split into Teams and must pit themselves against each for the ultimate prize of 'nothing' this year - not even a cuddly toy (Covid's fault!). The night was fun and a good turnout ensured that a great time was had by all. Richard hosted excellently and managed to keep us all in order. Our judges Janet, Alan and Stephen were fab and were not swayed even following bribery offers! This club night is one to stay and something that we'll be doing again, although preferably we'll avoid another tiebreak - or at least have a tiebreak question planned!

Oliver Wright

The club was lucky enough to have Oliver Wright as a speaker last Thursday. We were pleased to invite Oliver back as he'd been such a hit the first time round. Oliver has been busy during the last five months in lockdown which has been a very productive time for him macro-wise. He's been getting to grips with his new Canon R5 - he showed us much of his new work taken with this state-of -the-art camera. I know at least one member of the club is now seriously considering investing in the R5! Once again Oliver wowed us with his macro photography; he was happy to share what kit he uses, which techniques he uses whether hand-held or macro rail, and many other useful hints and tips including how

Next Speaker - Oliver Wright - Tickets on Sale

On Thursday we will be joined by our second speaker of the new season. Professional photographer, Oliver Wright, will be sharing his breathtaking macro images and we will be discovering the processes he uses to get them. It's free to attend for members and tickets are on sale now for non members. https://www.otleycameraclub.net/events/oliver-wright-macro-photography https://www.oliverwrightphotography.com/

Working With Wildlife - Tensi Ward

Thursday the 10th of September saw us host our first Speaker evening with the extremely talented Tensi Ward. Incredibly,Tensi has only been photographing since 2013 and her presentation charted her journey from teenage holiday snaps to the work she does now as a professional photographer with a keen eye on nature and conversation. Her story is certainly worth hearing and was presented in a relaxed manner that keep the viewers engaged through out. She may not use a lot of images in her presentation compared to others, but each one had an entertaining back story. It was an excellent start to the season and has set our expectations at "high" for those following. Thank you Tesni. The presenta

Next Speaker - Tesni Ward - Tickets On Sale

This Thursday, we will be joined by the first speaker of our new season: Tesni Ward. Her talk is titled, Working with Wildlife'. Challenging yet rewarding, wildlife photography will push you to your limits and test even the most determined of individuals. The talk goes through some of her experiences , both good and bad and how she works to develop an extensive and varied portfolio in challenging situations.' Tickets are available to purchase for the evening here. You can view here fantastic images on her website.

And We're Off!

The new season has now begun and what a season I think it will be. Okay we're still not able to meet physically due to Covid, but Zoom has proved itself time and time again to be a very useful tool, and very much up to the job of keeping our club alive. We've been able to successfully conduct competitions, run socials and listen to speakers which due to cost and geography we would never have been able to set up under normal circumstances. We've run joint camera club evenings with clubs as far afield as Essex and basically had a ball! Of course it will be good when we can physically meet again, but for the time being we're doing alright and of course our 'Out and Abouts' have started again no

Musings on This Year, Lockdown, Zoom and Summer Sessions.

When I agreed to help continue to usher in the new wave of ideas that the previous Chair had started, little did I realise that what a wild ride this year would make it. As one-half of the Chair Team, I did not think it would be that difficult, my Co-Chair Richard and I are usually on the same kind of wave length and seem to be able to bounce ideas off each other pretty well. The Committee too also helped make the transition very easy – full of enthusiasm and a desire to see the club move forward. They are a great team to work with and I mean that sincerely. Then lock down occurred and things changed but, thankfully not too drastically. Working in IT meant I had an idea things could keep goi

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