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What's it like to Join OCC?

I joined Otley Camera Club in September 2019. The thing that struck me first and foremost was the friendliness of all the members. I have also really enjoyed the talks, in particular the one by Monty Trent which was entertaining and informative. My background in photography goes back to when I was 18 and bought my first camera. As I studied languages I ended up travelling overseas a great deal in my teens and throughout my twenties and my camera was always to hand. Then work and family got very busy so I continued with photography but very much on the backburner. Recently I have found a little more time to get back into shooting hence my joining Otley Camera Club. I am a keen cyclist so

Can Get Out - A Bit!

Last Saturday Otley Camera Club had their first 'Out and About' in a very long while - we took ourselves in a socially distanced manner to watch Washburn Valley canoeing at Thruscross reservoir. It was really great to see club members, it's such a long time since we've seen each other (in person) and it was lovely to catch up with friendly faces and take some pictures. And a lot of pictures were taken - all you could hear along the riverside was the sound of high-speed continuous! The club hopes to go back in the future, it was a fun day with lots of opportunities for action shots. Thank you to the canoeists who let us follow their progress. Photo credits: Les Smart, Andy Hoyle, Richard Sel

You're invited to our first night back

Our 2020/2021 season starts again on Thursday 3rd September. Due to Cornavirus, the first half of the season will be online. This has not stopped the club planning a fantastic year. We would like to invite you to join us on our first night back which is on Thursday 3rd September. Our meeting is open and free for anyone to join. Follow this link to reserve your place (current members do not need to apply).

New Season Update

A full committee meeting was held on Wednesday 5th August to discuss how to proceed with the new season in light of the COVID-19 situation. The factors to consider were current COVID-19 guidance, views of the members obtained by the recent survey and the safety arrangements provided by the association we rent the room from. A significant proportion of our members stated they would not come back to the clubhouse in September and some of those that would expressed concerns about the size of the room and how safety could be ensured. We have been informed that: to maintain a social distance of 2m in the room the capacity would be 14 members and to maintain a social distance of 1m the capacity wo

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