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Forum Launch

Otley Camera Club are pleased to announce the launch of their forum. If you have any questions about your camera equipment, taking images, post processing, printing and the club, use the forum and we will help to try and answer it. The link to the page can be found on the top right hand corner of our web page. We are currently trying to think of a better title - if you have any please let us know!

Annual Exhibition Feedback

On Thursday night, we were joined by Giles Rocholl (www.gilesrocholl.com/) who judged our annual exhibition. He provided feedback on all the entries and to explain his rationale behind selecting the winning images. It was a highly informative, fun and positive evening. As well as giving feedback, he was able to provide a plethora of tips and ideas to our members. Thank you Giles we hope to see you again soon. The winning images can be found here.

Scavenger Hunt

On Thursday night, OCC held their first ever Scavenger Hunt. The concept of the evening was that members were put into groups and then given five themes: liquid, abstract / pattern, curves, emotion and light. Their challenge was go out and take an image which related to each theme. The images were then submitted to a judging panel. The aim of the evening was to get members working together, share expertise, have some fun, be creative and to try and take images without relying on post processing techniques. It was a fun evening and some great images were taken in a short time. Liquid was probably the most apt theme as unfortunately it was the night of torrential rain. This did not stop

David Autumns’ Lecture

Last night saw the first in a series of lectures from our member, David Autumns. He delivered an informative, engaging and visual presentation aimed at improving our understanding of photography and moving members away from automatic. The session looked at ISO, f stops, shutter speeds and the mechanics of a DSLR. Thank you David for a fantastic and hugely informative evening.

Out and About Trip

Yesterday, some of our members braved the rain for an Out and About trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. They captured some fantastic images before been beaten by the downpours. Photo credits : David Autumns, Diane Murrell Out and About is a group of our members who organise photographic trips out to a variety of places and events. A calendar is created with ideas and then members who are interested organise and attend.  There is also an annual weekend away.

Calendar Launch

Last night, we held the first meeting back after the summer break. The first part of the evening saw the launch of the 2018/2019 calendar. You can view the calendar on the calendar page of our website or you can see a visual copy below: In second part of the evening, members shared three images that summed up their summer. It was great to see the members from last year return and to welcome some new faces too. If you like the look of the calendar and want to know more about the club, you can contact us here.

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