Nature Competition Winners 2020

08 The Pose

1st Position Monochrome by Richard Sells

01 Grey Seal - Cover Your Mouth

2nd Position Monochrome The Grey Seal - Cover Your Mouth by Phil Naylor

11 About Tern

3rd Position Monochrome About Tern by Keira Thorogood

03 Chequered Swallowtail

Highly Commended Monochrome Chequered Swallowtail by Keith Crowther

07 The Dunnock

Commended Monochrome The Dunnock by Phil Naylor

43 Reed Bunting

1st Place Colour Reed Bunting by Charlotte Naylor

06 Woodland Visitor

2nd Place Colour Woodland Visitor by Charlotte Naylor

46 Round Robin

3rd Place Colour Round Robin by Chris Charlesworth

25 The Fern

Highly Commended Colour The Fern by Keira Thorogood

28 White Morpho

Commended Colour White Morpho by Keith Crowther

33 In the Nest

Commended Colour In the Nest by Les Smart