Action / Movement Competition Winners 2020 - judged by Erica Oram


1st Place - Keira Thorogood


2nd Place - Keith Crowther

Leap of Faith

3rd Place - Carol Hardy

The Domino Effect

Highly Commended - Richard Sells

Rufus-Tailed Hummingbird

Highly Commended - Nicola Robson

Easy Rider

Highly Commended - Chris Charlseworth

Starry Silhouette

Highly Commended - Phil Naylor

Surf's Up

Commended - Phil Naylor

The Runners

Commended - Phil Naylor

I Don't Like What's Next

Commended - Keira Thorogood

Fighting the River

Commended - Les Smart

Break Away

Commended - Nicola Robson

Fidget Spinning

Commended - James Grimmitt

Cleared for Take Off

Commended - Marjorie Rogan