Action Competition Winners 2018 judged by Jed Wee

Final push

1st Place (Digital) - Les Smart - Final Push

In Top Gear

1st Place (Printed) - Andy Hoyle - In Top Gear


2nd Place (Digital) - Charlotte Naylor - Squabble


2nd Place (Printed) - David Autumns - Speed

Moment of impact

3rd Place (Digital) - Julie Wilks - Moment of Impact

Fantasy Dive

3rd Place (Printed) - David Ricketts - Fantasy Dive

Ribbon Leap

Highly Commended (Digital) - Keith Crowther - Ribbon Leap

Flour Frolics

Commended (Digital) - Keith Crowther - Flour Frolics

The focus of the leader

Commended (Digital) - Richard Sells - the focus of the leader


Commended (Printed) - Keira Thorogood - Focus